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butch is how i look..


the little book of butch - page three

about time i did another one of these … been too busy editing to draw much lately; in fact i drew this one a while back & forgot to scan it. as usual, i’ve been thinking and reading about butch a fair amount … i wish butch bloggers would update more! do they not know how hungry i am for their opinions and perceptions? *grin* seriously …

i’m still v much out of cyber-fashion, i think, continuing to reject the word “masculine” as part of my identity. i feel equally uncomfortable with “feminine.” i hold firm to my belief that gender should be liberated from society, the media and the fashion industry. visions of clothing stores filled with gently swaying racks, chanting “we are one.” i’m not saying it all needs to go unisex – i still need bras! but why are all of the other things i need labelled “men” when i don’t even need them to be marked “for humans?” ok, some clothes are cut for the presence or absence of protrusions in the chest and groin areas, but apart from that, it’s all just spin.

i don’t walk like a man – i walk like a human who’s so confident it feels the need to swagger – and no need to protect any of its genitalia.

so there.