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i never wanted to be a boy

… i wanted to be a tomboy (like George in The Famous Five)


society lesbians

space bunneh loses zero gravity

seasonal affestive disorder?

this is for anyone whose christmas just doesn’t seem like it’ll be much fun.

emobunneh feels sad when you do..

{he’d hug you, but he’s armless}

the sporadically unbearable loneliness of being human

emaux? who moi?

i think i should clarify..i woke up the other day feeling lonely and alienated and this was pretty much the first thing i did. after a cigarette. i might come over as incredibly emo and in need of a shrink – and some days i am, but the thing is, a) i have one and b) this is the stuff i really feel the need (and i feel it hard) to express – i wanna be heard..we all do. but i’m not permanently morbid – i have been known to crack a crooked grin from time to time ;p

panic attack