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ani was magnetic

Dyke Drama (it deserves title case) is something none of us seem to escape – even if it’s not happening to you personally, I bet you can access some nearby.  If not, try the internet.  Try this.

So I heard it from a friend who … no, it really did happen to a friend and this time, “friend” is not actually a euphemism for “me” – although it doesn’t matter very much.

Anyway, pin your ears back.

So this friend tells me all about her ex, who she lived with for years, was besotted with and wanted to marry (and hey, gay “marriage” aka civil union is a legal thing in South Africa.  Lekker).  Let’s call the friend Sara and we’ll call her ex Ani.  Sara and Ani.  Sara’s got issues (who hasn’t) and so has Ani and Sara’s issues seem to make her clingy and Ani, well she’s your archetypal commitment-phobe.  So their wounds clashed badly where they needed to coincide.  Sara wanted to get married, Ani wanted to fuck around and so she did.  Sara’s a workaholic too, with a glittering career and she supported Ani financially while she studied something creative and then fell in and out of jobs.  Ani had to also make frequent rescue attempts in aid of a “good friend,” let’s call her Leah.

To self-mutilate a long story short, eventually Sara’s fears were confirmed and by the time Ani admitted to fucking Leah, Sara was threatening suicide and homicide and she flipped out and melted down and cut herself with something sharp and rusty.  Ani screwed her for some more money before she left, promising to return and marry Sara one day, when she’d got her wild oats sowed and all.

Ani and Leah move cities, stay together for a few years and everyone’s grapevine’s a mystery till Ani meets Ruth.  Ruth is with a woman called Sian …

As usual, all parties, concerned and unconcerned, have issues.  Deep and dark ones.  Ruth and Sian are falling apart, Sian’s melting down and Ruth’s fed right up.  Ruth falls for Ani, the stage is set.  Ruth contents herself with the beginnings of a text message romance with someone else entirely (does she even need a name?  We’ll call her Erika).  She also continues a poignant little text fling with Sara.  Yup, the same Sara.  Ruth gets rid of Sian – they’re supposed to carry on seeing each other after the separation, but it’s Ruth’s turn to flip out and she does, nationally and dramatically and Sian quietly fades into her own distant insanity.

Ruth and Ani finally get it on, intellectually and emotionally and who knows when they start fucking, but of course they do.  Leah goes ballistic and throws now-she-has-a-job-now-she-doesn’t Ani out.  Ani lands at Ruth’s place, homeless and jobless and Ruth saves her.  In no time at all, Ani is essential to Ruth in ways practical and emotional, but this time Ani doesn’t promise to be faithful.  She has the wildest of oats to sow, but she’ll marry Ruth one day, because it’s love, true love.  Ruth goes slowly mad and it takes her quite some time to throw Ani out.  She does it only after several confessions from Ani that Ani’s been fucking her best friend Tana.

Ani continues to promise marriage to Sara, till Sara finally gets fed up and finds herself a real girlfriend.  As far as I know, she’s still promising to marry Ruth.  Heart well and truly broken, Ruth begins a sexual rampage all over the city; blatant and unashamed.  According to rumours, one woman moved continents to be with her, went broke buying her things and then Ruth refused to see her.

And now?  It’s all a mystery again, but you can bet your bottom or any other body part you like, that the cycle continues.  It always does and nobody’s immune.

It’s both a human and a chart function ..

You expected some sort of gossip but it came from an unexpected quarter and made you wonder why people who allegedly mean you well are the ones who repeat gossip.  It’s both a human and a chart function – it’s your ex girlfriend, and her ex girlfriend had stories to tell about friends of your current girlfriend.  The content didn’t surprise or alarm you at all, the tenacious recounting of it all did.  Apparently she defended your honour, which was nice, but was it necessary?

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fangurlishness hits an all time low?  why does she always look so … shiny?

anyway, read it from the bottom up …

Your mother, the ex and her girlfriend ..

So your ex and her girlfriend come to visit and your mother’s delighted, because she always loved that ex to bits.  The ex is more of a friend than an ex actually, the relationship wasn’t really a relationship, but the terminology remains.  You gap it down to the beach with them and on the way someone says something about how much your mother likes the ex and you all laugh and then the girlfriend says, “God she still doesn’t like me for stealing the ex from you,” and you laugh and say, “Nah, me and the ex were never anything much, my mother just wishes she could have her for a daughter instead of me.” The girlfriend says, “I know how you feel, I have the same problem.”