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the biggest ego in arcadia

janna, by magnus

click the owlish banner if you’d like to meet one of my very closest friends, janna. she lives in stockholm with magnus and i visited them and the moomin* and another ulla there. she’s an important friend – we talk a lot and easily and one time, she stayed awake with me all night online before a sleep-deprivation brain scan. we really do love each other. this morning i called her pretentious and she was delighted.

so she’s blogging again at last. i’m freaking delighted about that too. and it’s about bloody time.

we are very different people, but we share some pretty important stuff. brideshead revisited, a book addiction, the latest bbc sherlock production … and we both think that kind of stuff matters. a lot. we like morbid music and good tattoos and excellent food and history and … well, lots of stuff.

pliz visit!

*in its “wisdom” my textedit spellcheck turned magnus and moomin to mangos and the moon. could be a cool title for something.