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Day 3 – How old were you when you knew? What was that like for you?

I’m not sure. I know I wondered about it occasionally as a kid, because I was always falling for lovely women, but I have no idea how old I was. In a way, it was just always there somewhere as a concept, but one without stress or angst attached. Apart from having an older stepbrother who was gay and a mother who seemed very liberal to me, I had other stuff to think about. Books. Music. Sexual abuse. Horses. Stuff. I was telling my gf the other day though, how when I had decided to go overseas – to go to London from South Africa – that I sat one day (in a parrot aviary, as it happens) and made a long list over several pages of a notebook, of all the things I wanted to see, do and resolve overseas. And “am I a lesbian?” was a very significant inclusion on that list …

Once again, here’s the link to the original meme.

Day 1 – Your sexual orientation or gender identity.

Very late on the 30-day bandwagon…more of an outrider..or merely a straggler, perchance..anyway, I started thinking that perhaps I should write on this blog occasionally again – so I went in search of a prompt or thirty.

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Day 1 – Your sexual orientation or gender identity.

What the hell, I shall admit to both. Being an old fashioned modernist, I tend to link the two i.e. I am a woman who likes to *censored* other women woman and thus I consider myself a lesbian. I’m not challenging anyone else’s liberated postmodern definitions and identities, but mine are still very simple. I do not consider that this makes me a superior being. For that, I rely on my remarkable good looks. I’m so retro that despite being a feminist, I spell woman, “woman” and while I never deny being a lesbian, from a semantic/attitude position, “dyke” is what I like to be dubbed.