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Life without labels

If, as many people suggest, we do away with labels, we will be left with no nouns.  At that point, not only will all sentences fail to work at all, but language will disintegrate AND there will be no way to order whatever you want to drink at the pub.

Or you’d just have to use noun classifiers or something – and then life gets even more complicated from that stage.

Let me know when you’ve made a new language and I’ll get right on to it …

Have a look at writing without nouns too.

why does the devil get all the good accessories?

Noooo those are not religious bigots reminiscent of early pitchfork-wielding mobs of angry peasants!  All they are saying is that demons own homosexuals like kugels have handbags.  It’s a STYLE thing and you know that whatever’s fashionable in hell this season will be global soon.

{Westboro Baptist Coming to SF to Protest Jews, Musical Theater and Twitter}

Apparently god hates South Africa too.