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an open letter to the mainstream ..

Is there any chance, that if I stopped making such a song and dance and getting up in your face about being a dyke all the time, that you’d do the same for me about your heterosexuality? I’m actually not expecting any special treatment for being a lesbian, I’d just like the same treatment as you. I’m human after all.

Would you mind supporting the right to marry? South Africa was 5th in the all too brief list of countries to legalise gay marriage – actually, all the world needs to do, is allow any two consenting adults to marry, provided they’re not related. It’s as simple as that. There’s no need to even mention the word gay.

You also need to help us, as human beings and because you’re human beings too, to make sure that murder, rape, torture and bullying stop entirely, no matter what the justification. I’m queer, so I tend to notice when it happens to my tribe, but it’s unacceptable for anyone to do it to anybody for any reason.

Please, please, please teach your kids that all human beings deserve respect. Kids who are outside the mainstream have a horrible time at school, in their own homes and in the world in general and that really isn’t remotely fair. By sticking to conventional rules and expectations, kids end up depressed, suicidal, dead … they don’t deserve that! Plenty of South Africans are careful about teaching their kids not to be racist, but how about looking out for the geeks, the queers, the transgenders, the goths, the women, the … everybody. How about that?

Why are South African schools still not allowing boys to grow their hair, by the way? That is completely sexist. Just apply the same rules – if your hair’s long, tie it up. Whatever. I swear, if you treat me like a human being, I’ll stop shouting about my sexuality.