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the biggest ego in arcadia

janna, by magnus

click the owlish banner if you’d like to meet one of my very closest friends, janna. she lives in stockholm with magnus and i visited them and the moomin* and another ulla there. she’s an important friend – we talk a lot and easily and one time, she stayed awake with me all night online before a sleep-deprivation brain scan. we really do love each other. this morning i called her pretentious and she was delighted.

so she’s blogging again at last. i’m freaking delighted about that too. and it’s about bloody time.

we are very different people, but we share some pretty important stuff. brideshead revisited, a book addiction, the latest bbc sherlock production … and we both think that kind of stuff matters. a lot. we like morbid music and good tattoos and excellent food and history and … well, lots of stuff.

pliz visit!

*in its “wisdom” my textedit spellcheck turned magnus and moomin to mangos and the moon. could be a cool title for something.

chatlog: zombie feet and the nightgown of doom

7:54:28 PM janna: cerule!
7:54:33 PM Ulla : elleaux
7:55:06 PM janna: i think salve would be a more appropriate response to that actually.
7:55:39 PM Ulla : hmm do i choose the zombie head boots gloves shirt or trousers
7:55:55 PM janna: gloves. and also AHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHHAHHHAH omg omg omg omg there is FANFICTION for a child called it.
7:55:58 PM janna: omfg.
7:56:01 PM Ulla : lol wow
7:56:11 PM janna: this i have to read for myself.
7:56:18 PM janna: i just died a little from the wtf.
7:56:22 PM Ulla : yeh these are some cool boots actually
8:00:38 PM janna: cool.
8:00:53 PM Ulla : i’d rather have the chicken feet but theyre discontinued
8:01:14 PM janna: …i don’t think you should wear chicken feet.
8:01:25 PM Ulla : theyd look fabulous with rune armor
8:02:24 PM janna: blue, if you wear that, i’d have to report you to queer eye for the straight knight.
8:02:47 PM Ulla : well i just lost all my mage gear to a revenant vampire in the wilderness dammit
8:03:09 PM janna: i got a new nightgown on sale.
8:03:13 PM janna: you can borrow that.
8:03:14 PM Ulla : oh yes?
8:03:17 PM janna: yeah
8:03:19 PM Ulla : defence level?
8:03:43 PM janna: well, it goes to just above the knee, so i’d say it’s safer than a babydoll.
8:03:49 PM Ulla : definitely
8:04:25 PM janna: it’s also mindnumbingly pink with polka dots.
8:04:33 PM Ulla : hectic attack level then
8:04:38 PM Ulla : +bewilder
8:05:14 PM janna: yeah!
8:05:20 PM janna: + chance of stun
8:05:36 PM Ulla : ima have to blog that you know
8:05:45 PM janna: of course.
8:05:48 PM janna: go right ahead.
8:06:03 PM Ulla : o like i need permission to quote you
8:06:12 PM janna: add in the bit about a child called it fanfic. because the wtfery of that is just…wtf?
8:06:18 PM janna: lol
8:06:43 PM Ulla : :)
8:07:32 PM janna: i kind of look down on people who read that sort of books, you know. :-P

another bdd and stuff

… in sunfish a “shy-bold continuum” has been identified, in which “bold” individuals differ from “shy” ones in their propensity to approach novel objects (including minnow traps), eat certain food items, and acclimate to laboratory environments. The “shy-bold continuum” has also been observed in humans and several other mammals.

Bizarre link of the day comes to you courtesy of my friend Janna … here you go.

Word of the day is vajazzle (thank you s0fa) – I still think that if Jennifer Lurve Hewitt wants to “feel good about her privates,” she should try having an orgasm or ten.  *insert standard feminist rant here*

Badly drawn dyke of the day follows …

two snotty people, one chatlog

wreckfish: if thats a good butch i am a small armchair
wreckfish: with a side table
wreckfish: and a still life with fruit

wreckfish: amusement: *link removed*
328405666: oh my god, bigfoot shaved.
wreckfish: scary
328405666: you are not kidding.
328405666: it looks like
328405666: one of those inbred cannibal people.
wreckfish: completely
wreckfish: i’ve read her blog before she seems batshit deluxe
328405666: well
328405666: blue
328405666: i hate to say it
328405666: but most online lesbians do.
wreckfish: it is true
328405666: honestly, does she think she looks good in that photo?
wreckfish: shudder
328405666: ewww
wreckfish: and the caption
wreckfish: a good butch is hard
wreckfish: if thats a good butch i am a small armchair
wreckfish: with a side table
wreckfish: and a still life with fruit
328405666: LOL
328405666: lol
wreckfish: :)
328405666: please
328405666: use that as your little blurb about yourself.