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you should try a church..

true's nunnies.

generikham asylum

getting back into rpg/adventure/mmo gaming has caused me to become quite disinterested in blogging.  i read and have contact with the people i care about still, i’m just not so hooked on the process – all of it, the expression, the interaction, the whole ego soapbox of it, the therapy, perhaps.

also, i have become glued to my *new* *glint* *sparkle* blackberry, with its 24/7 alldayallnight net access.  it means i can chat to all sorts of people via im and on twitter at times when i wouldn’t usually be online – it makes a v nice difference, especially where time zones are concerned.  yes i’m a gadgetwhore.  the choice of the fruity smartphone, however, was entirely due to that alldayallnight net access.  free.  yey.

not that i wanna stop blogging, i’ve been at it [heh] too long for that.  it’s just .. i dunno … what has it become?  some funkly old carnival mirror, murky as hell?  something.  dunno.

i am also knee deep in serious editing work at the moment, which is LOVELY, but it’s also left me fairly unwilling to type too much on my own account.  and by now i am probably just talking to myself here, but that’s fine too.

and i am tired of julius malema and eugene terre’ blanche now.

it’s pretty shitty [sez she, like a spoilt brat] not having a dslr.  a good one.  oxford st. 8am, the day after the garbage men overthrew… all of the bins… shredded paper like snow … ah fuckit.