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Adding some Eastern Cape LGBTQ voices to the struggle ..

some members of a new activist organisation, incl yours truly. i need a haircut.

my butch friend, mfundi, from the Eastern Cape LGBT Forum. i LOVE this photograph, i’m very proud of it.

my my my gail! mine!

zama, my homo homie from nshongweni in kzn. also ECLGBT Forum.

leigh ann, serious transgender activist

dawn, from the Coalition of African Lesbians

the eastern cape’s the most impoverished, most marginalised province in south africa. there are challenges not only from the westernised version of hate and intolerance that we all know about, but from traditional practice too. sadly, southern african indigenous populations aren’t amongst those ethnic groups who tolerate us trannies and queers. so those are brave faces, not just beautiful ones. and we’re talking grassroots activism. and it’s so worthwhile i can’t even begin to describe just how crucial it is.


teach your children well

don’t leave the bullying/intolerance issue to schools – it starts at birth.

tell your kid you’ll love it no matter what – and mean it.

promise to protect and defend your child.

do everything you can to promote your kid’s confidence (not arrogance).

victims get victimised.

Club Eden – the Only Queer Club in East London

Welcome to Club Eden – it’s my local queer club. Sally and her staff and family and friends renovated it and threw a party to celebrate.

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playground genocide

[waiting for an appointment to arrive + this ensued]

victims don’t have to be inherently weak – they just need to be outnumbered. anybody and any group can potentially be victimised.

you start by noticing a difference between “them” and you, that you don’t like – because it makes you feel inferior perhaps, or superior. or a strange mix of both. and you begin by name calling – something catchy, something that’ll stick. and you gather like-minded people around you to join in …

applying logic rigorously here, you can see the connection between the birth of a prejudice and a possible result of massive genocide. so name-calling and gossip and forming little cliques are effective methods towards gaining some power. and power is a beautiful, ugly, wondrous, terrible and dangerous thing.

plenty of minorities wound up defined that way (and subsequently murdered) not because they were small and weak, but because they were doing rather well, stood out and the people around them got jealous and pissed off and it united them.

i am guilty, for instance, of being habitually snotty and dismissive of americans and of straight people. the former, because i live in africa and see things from that particular perspective and the latter because i am queer. it’s actually completely, unforgivably wrong though. crass generalisations pretty much always are. now, it’s easy for me to get away with it, because americans and hets are far too powerful to ever give a toss what i think. but what if i started picking on smaller enclaves in undefended positions?

apply logic rigorously. and then “do as you would be done by.”

ok, i’m done lecturing. for now.

it’s your hell baby, i ain’t going to that party

i commented on a butch blog the other day and it started me thinking a little further than my comments there.

why do perfectly nice, good people turn unkind when there’s a religious issue with homosexuality? and by unkind, i mean an absolute faith/conviction that they are right, leading to utter disregard of us poor queers’ feelings.

*insert shit-eating grin here*

“love the sinner, not the sin.”

never mind if the “sinner” in question is a faithful, perhaps even christian soul, who is kind to old ladies and small animals. all of these things become irrelevant in the do-gooder’s need to impose their opinions.

they smile while they inform you that you’re going to hell unless you change.

they have no respect for science.

they have no space for compassion, unless it falls within their tight little coda and cloaca.


i’m sitting on a beach with my girlfriend in the early 90’s. we’re on towels, in shorts and swimming costumes. my arm is loosely round her shoulders. a very fat and topless man lurches pendulously up and says in very bad english, that “god created adam and eve, not adam and steve.” i say thank you, now please be on your way. he launches into the hellfire speech. i smile like a crocodile and say ok now that’s enough fatso, fuck off. very quietly, very pleasantly.

*fast forward*

if it happened today, i think i would react differently. i think i would simultaneously be more and less tolerant and either ignore him totally or get right to the fuckoff without the pleasantries first. or i’d sit back and let my girlfriend deal with it.

why do people think they have the right?

queers don’t go around en masse trying to get people to change their lifestyles or religions or whatever.

perhaps we should.

hi, i’m ulla and i’d like to talk to you about The Way of Queer … please take a pamphlet …

i’ll launch a massive ad campaign – it will feature gorgeous people doing exciting things and the catchphrase (over suitably shit-eating grins) will be, “… and all because i’m queer!” there will be a jingle and t-shirts. it will be endorsed by celebs and designers and so on. it will, in a word, be hawt. the logo will be unforgettably gorgeous.

i will pace main thoroughfares with a placard saying, “straight roads never get anywhere really, do they?” my girlfriend and i will stride hand in hand into crowded restaurants and tut at heterosexual couples.

people will see therapists and healers to find out why they are straight. they will develop deep self-loathing and very complex neuroses. i will look upon them with a patronizing and pitying compassion, all the while feeling smugly superior.


fuck it must be uncomfortable inside those minds!!

i think it was thumper (of bambi fame) who said, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

*** no right wing fundamentalists were harmed in the making of this blog post ***

it’s war – pick a side (people are dying here)

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

One thing I get very worked up about, to the point of a fairly insane attack of irritation, is fence-sitters. It’s unjust of me – the world needs people who can see both sides of the proverbial fence after all (but I hope the barbed wire scars their asses). Ahem. If you haven’t realised it by now, let me state openly that I am, in fact, not a very pleasant person.

OK so …

Queers and freaks who want to be accepted by the rest of society … hello, I’m talking to you. I agree that society should be kinder and more tolerant – but it isn’t and it keeps bullying, raping, beating and killing us. If you think hate crimes aren’t happening – get to googling. And I’m saying hate crimes and grouping homophobia with religious and racial intolerance and and and … all of the ways society has chosen to make its opinion known.

If you’re a fan of democracy and society is saying that queers should not exist, then surely society is right?

So we – we the outcasts and our allies – work and revolt in order to change minds and laws and save lives. because it ain’t about getting equal tax breaks for fuck’s sakes, people die!

A gay teenager was decapitated, dismembered, and burned to death in Puerto Rico. The police investigating his murder said he deserved it because of his ‘lifestyle.’ (via Calpernia)

How many stories like that do you need to read to be convinced? The answer is – one’s too many – but oh people, there are so many more. And imagine how many more that we never even hear about.

Homophobia equals apartheid. (Desmond Tutu)

Obviously my gaydar radar is attuned to news of my own community, but let’s get broad again. Intolerance of anyone for any reason is actually bullshit. And if you, as a queer, are not willing to identify with the rest of us queers out here in the firing line – fine. Enjoy your closet. Enjoy the herd and the blood on your hands (yes I know I’ve said that in 3 posts running now). Society won’t change unless you change it. Voices won’t be heard unless they’re strong and part of a united force. Perhaps you’re sitting there thinking things have improved? We live in a world where genocide is constant in the so called 3rd world and where even in the first, teenagers are killing themselves and Jews still aren’t safe. People assume that Muslims are terrorists. And. So. It. Goes. On. Ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

“If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem.”

On a good and positive note – my favourite aunt, Kate Bornstein says it gets better.

they’ve hijacked ‘lesbian’ !!11!1!!!!