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the games people play ..

Hopefully I won’t need to draw a chart for this one.

Beetle and Hippy fell in love online.  Obeying the traditional dyke impulse; that good ole urge to merge, they didn’t wait for the second date to move in, Hippy drove across the country and they moved in together.  Sort of.  They were in a sort of a kind of relationship.  I can relate – I’ve done it myself.  I’m not sure exactly how long it all took to implode, but implode it did.  Enter Alter, who made friends with Hippy online.  Hippy confided in her and was immediately challenged by Beetle, who had allegedly also made friends with Alter, who’d told her everything.  At some stage, Hippy drove back across the country.

Meanwhile, in another city, on another chart, Softbutch moved a thousand clicks to escape a heartbreaking affair.  She met Beetle online.  Then she met Alter online.  She suspected they were the same person.  History does not relate whether anything actually happened.

From the original chart within this category, Sian, downloading email, got two emails in from Twitter – Beetle and Alter had started following her.  She logged in to her account and … they weren’t.  She searched both names and … they were nowhere to be found.

Spooky?  Nope, just another day in the charts.

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