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me vs sarcasm

alright i’m english by birth and sarcastic by nature, but believe it or not, i actually try hard to transcend both. not that there is inherently a major issue with being english, i just prefer being south african. and sarcasm … well, it really is the lowest form of wit, [oscar wilde] isn’t it? and it’s largely indulged in by those of us with that uniquely irritating combination of self-deprecation and arrogance. if you find it funny, you’re probably one of those people, or sucking up to one of them.

i really wish i’d stop doing it. i wonder if there’s a pill?

along with sarcasm in its purest form, comes criticism veiled in words. growing up around it is like being raised by wolves. you wind up tough, sure, but not overly saturated with affection. i am no stranger to the wolfsnark and have many of its traits.

It comes from the ancient Greek σαρκάζω (sarkazo) meaning ‘to tear flesh’ but the ancient Greek word for the rhetorical concept of taunting was instead χλευασμός (chleyasmόs) Sarcasm appears several times in the Old Testament,; for example it seems to underlie the rhetorical questions of Achish, king of Gath::

Lo, you see the man is mad; why then have you brought him to me? Do I lack madmen, that you have brought this fellow to play the madman in my presence?
—I Sam 21:10-15[6]
[wiki-wiki-wikipedia, of course]
sarkazo … i doesn’t like it!
i’m going to keep trying to stop doing it, but i seem to have become thin-skinned and defenceless against those “witty” little barbed words that tear at my flesh …
the score? saracasm: 98746 me: 0