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It’s late … too late to be awake tonight.  I can hear my neighbour calling her barking dog inside and my dogs just had a bit of a woof about it all too.  Then I suddenly realised I’d been smoking a cigarette, which was almost done and the ashtray was all the way over on the other side of the table, so where the hell had I been flicking the ash?

Not quite as stupid as the TWO burns on my left thigh (cigarette and laptop) that occurred out of pure stupidity and a failure to notice the first till it really hurt and the second till I saw the blister in the bath the following morning.  I can be seriously oblivious.

I caught up on my email and some admin today and did some tweaking around my 6758303 blogs.  SDL is looking pretty good, I think.  It’s currently my oldest project.

I haven’t been ranting/writing …

It’s a bad sign when all your paragraphs start with “I.”

Out of the mouths of post-human sci-fi/spec-fic writers …

there are no disorders just adaptive behaviours

[Ian MacDonald; Cyberabad Days]


a shadow, a cigarette, a closet + some worrybeads

{not everything containing “lesbian” and “webcam” ends in porn}