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my old same-sex sexuality soapbox

lambdaI’ve said it before, but it bears repeating.

If you’d suffer severe consequences on coming out – don’t. There are people who get raped, beaten, murdered for the crime of being out. If you’re very young and afraid – wait. If you’re one of those privileged middle-class types who don’t come out because it’s inconvenient, you’re a coward and a traitor and you have the blood of the victims of hate crimes on your well-manicured hands. Ditto all those celebs whose careers are far more important to them than broader tolerance and the safety of the community.

pink triangleThere are people who are instantly read as sexual/gender outlaws/outcasts – they have the option of adjusting their physical appearance to hide, though it isn’t always a simple matter, or of living out, proud and free. There are those who look “normal” according to conformist society and those people face different issues. Hiding is easy, but what about visibility? They can be out verbally, they can wear/display symbols of queer (or whatever) pride, they can walk hand in hand with their same sex lovers – no doubt there are other options.

black trianglePeople talk about not wanting to make a big deal out of their sexuality, of wanting simply to be treated as “normal” members of society.

And you know what? When they stop killing us for being queer, we’ll have that luxury. Until then – aluta continua.

Thank you for being out.

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it gets better?


Raymond Chase, 19, Rhode Island.
Tyler Clementi, 18, New Jersey.
Asher Brown, 13, Texas.
Billy Lucas, 15, Indiana.
Seth Walsh, 13, California
Cody J. Barker, 17, of Shiocton, Wisconsin
Felix Sacco, 17 from Saugus, Massachusetts
Harrison Chase Brown, 15 from Rand, Colorado
Caleb Nolt, 14 in Fort Wayne, IN

Just a few there. A few names of a few dead boys who killed themselves because of the SHIT they took from those around them, for being gay. Just a few Americans. How many more out there, where the root cause hasn’t been revealed, or perhaps not even known? How many more, across this whole wide world of ours? How many who suicided for different reasons, but basically the same reason i.e. society deems them freaks?

Why do children have to die before we start to save them?

Their blood’s on our hands (not purely the queer community either – all of humanity) and it’s staining like Lady Macbeth and what are we doing about it? Sending video postcards to the survivors to tell them it gets better.

Actually, it hasn’t suddenly got worse – it’s always been shitty – it’s just that when it happens in a neat media bite in a media-saturated country, it gets media attention and then we all hear about it. Even people who don’t give a shit about human equality usually.

Dear Outcast Teenagers,

It fucking sucks, that society treats you like a pariah as soon as you don’t conform to the freakin’ norm. It should be valuing you highly and assuming that you have enormous potential. Society, frankly, is wrong.

Maybe you’re sitting somewhere, alone and afraid. Hopefully you’ll find cool people to talk to, who’ll help you while you journey towards being unafraid yourself. Hopefully you won’t get verbally and physically and emotionally battered. I really hope that at the very least, you’ll be safe.

I hope you’ll get angry at some point, rather than just living in fear. I hope you’ll join the struggle for equality and a whole lot less violence. I hope you’ll shake your fist in the faces of homophobes and say you know what, I’m not wrong … you are! Because they are – and anyone who is telling you you’re substandard, inadequate, that what you are is sinful – is talking utter shit.

You really do need to find people you can relate to and talk to. Sometimes you get lucky, but don’t be passive about it – go find someone!

Hang in there. Please.

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transitioning in-game

of butches and bound breasts

lynch me.

i am not trying to say everybody should be happy with their bio body – i’m trying to say that i’m sad they’re not. i’m also blaming society for a whole huge chunk of that.

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