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my bloody valentine’s day massacre

no, i didn’t have a dyke drama style valentine’s day.  neither did my period start.  i did, however, see these … so romantic … red rose, pink champagne and raw meat in the shape of a heart.



so … how was your valentine’s day?  commercial?  lonely?  did anyone give you a fluffy pink hippo, a plastic rose, chocolates in amusing shapes?  a nice lump of raw flesh?

Lazy Lesbian Valentine’s Day Linkdump

After Ellen’s 2009 list of the hottest lesbian dates for Valentine’s Day is pretty cool – then again, lists of lesbians are always cool – as long as they’re drawn up by lesbians.  As usual, About.com has a whole bunch of ideas about the day itself; I’m wondering if 5. Rub her Down was supposed to sound romantic though?  Last year Chinese activists spent Valentine’s Day staging a mock lesbian wedding near Tiananmen Square – until further notice I hereby dub that THE coolest Valentine’s Day event ever.  Some Canadian lesbians are spending Feb 14 celebrating Pink Triangle Day instead.  Of course when you start googling stuff like “lesbian valentine’s day” you get a whole huge shitload of e-card sites listed, but this is a real card and it’s just gorgeous – it has robots!  There’s also too much information about the fight between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson on Valentine’s Day in 2009 – and I don’t care enough to give you a link to it all.  I have no idea why they did it, but you can play with the Valentine’s Day at Lesbian Worlds Jigsaw Puzzle online.  Depending on how you feel about the whole thing, Logo Online has a bunch of bitter or sweet films for your lesbo entertainment.  Or there’s Lizzy the Lezzy with a Valentine’s Day message.