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The five year old calls me “moffie” (local slang for ‘gay’) as a euphemism for “coward” and we all laugh.  It’s harmless, unthinking and so forth.  I’ve heard her use “coon” in a rather similar way.


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10 responses to “tell me what you think

  • moominboy

    Eh, if you could only hear the names me and my Persian friend call each other when we duel on NBA Live on Playstation… ;)

    • me

      that’s with mutual consent though hey? i’m guessing arab slurs from you and polish ones from him. i have friends who call me v rude names too and it’s cool, they have my permission. 5 yr old doesn’t know a thing though eh?

  • ben

    So many of those types of slurs have become sort of terms of endearment. “Nigger” is one we hear used that way often and while it is ok between two black men it has a darker (no pun intended) connotation for the rest of us. It would be great if we lived in a world where those words weren’t attached to such negativity, hatred and racism/sexism/ whatever ism but we don’t.
    I think that if a child grows up using those terms in a cavalier fashion it could cause her some difficulty in the future. While I would love to see a teacher’s face the first time she calls her classmate a coon, I shudder to think how she’d fare on the schoolgrounds.

    • me

      she goes to school with black kids and gets on fine with them, no idea if she’s ever said anything racist there or, to be honest, how that particular school’s teachers would handle it.

  • yondergen

    When “nigger” isn’t attached to racism?
    Anyway, though it’s too late now, the kid’s got to learn that using that sort of language is not okay because it’s hurtful. If the opportunity presents itself again, you don’t have to reprimand the kid, just ask her if she knows what it means when she says those things. Ask her how she would feel if she was the target of the slur she used, or what she’d think if one of her friends who was black or gay or whatever heard her using those words.

    • me

      doubt she’s heard of gay people yet, to be honest … rural-ish community here. and i thought hard about saying something there and then – was at lunch with her plus grandparents who, btw, are very cool human and humane people. i might mention it to them.

  • amandzing

    but isn’t this where predujice (sp!) starts? shouldn’t the child be made aware now that it is potentially harmful?

  • amandzing

    i’d stop laughing then…

    • me

      probably proof of inherent self loathing or some damn thing – i laughed and i was laughing because moffie was a pretty accurate thing to call me.

      but ja, you’re right mate.

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