the aragorn cobain chatlog

328405666: if i didn’t get to do an elf, i’d do her. or possibly her brother. he’s the least greasy of all the men, and he’s the one who’s lived on a horse for several months. what does that say about aragorn’s personal hygiene? huh?
wreckfish: roflolol
328405666: it’s a serious question, blue.
328405666: :-P
wreckfish: i figure ppl just stank
328405666: which is one reason for doing elves.
328405666: other than them being ridiculously pretty of course.
wreckfish: fairynuff
328405666: but seriously…éomer is shiny. aragorn is just…sorta glistening dully.
wreckfish: grunge tarnish
328405666: yeah.
wreckfish: aragorn cobain
328405666: campfire singalongs just got a whole lot darker.
wreckfish: fanfic chatlog…lol
328405666: …load up on swords, bring your friends…
wreckfish: fall on ur swords
wreckfish: get the bends
328405666: it’s fun to lose a hobbit then
wreckfish: we’ll all be corpses in the end
328405666: in movie-verse my girl is gone
328405666: quel du, quel du, quel du, how long?
wreckfish: just maggots now to rest upon..
328405666: then mandos brings us all on home
wreckfish: and gimli is my garden gnome
328405666: this is a tshirt moment, blue.

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