things on my brain today

i almost wept yesterday when i heard that aung sung suu kyi was finally released, after spending 15 out of the last 21 years under house arrest in myanmar. i heard she finally spoke to her kids. i wish her husband was still alive. i hope she gets some time to just … be, while the world wants to know what she’s going to do about myanmar and parts of myanmar say well, who’s she anyway … it all makes me think about the unphotographed, unremembered people imprisoned/tortured/killed all over this world of ours, every day. people like assk, mandela etc, become icons. we shouldn’t look to them for answers necessarily, but as a very sharp reminder that freedom should never be taken for granted, that they are the tip of the iceberg, that we (the human race) are still failing utterly to take care of and respect each other.

it’s butch 360 time again and this week, it’s all about butch myths.

actually, the other things on my mind today can just stay there for now.

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4 responses to “things on my brain today

  • Victoria Oldham

    Reminds me of this quote: “Sometimes, no matter how much faith we have, we lose people. But you never forget them. And sometimes, it’s those memories that give us the faith to go on.”

  • ulla

    It astonishes me that she refused the burmese govt’s offer to let her go to the uk in ’99 to be with her husband – in case they didn’t allow her to go back. And that when john simpson asked her if she feared being re-arrested, she just said well I’ll do what I can while I’m free and if they arrest me, I’ll do what I can under arrest.

    • Moominboy

      I’m glad for her too!

      And Lech Walesa refused to go to Sweden and receive his Nobel Peace Prize for the fear that he won’t be allowed back in. Those people have courage, I’m not sure if I would have done the same.

  • ulla

    *1999 was the year her husband died of cancer

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